I’ve been going through some interesting books lately and I came across one by Napoleon Hill that I think everyone should read. If you are like most people, you’re sick and tired of chasing the “next best” opportunity, and you’re ready to finally do something that really works. Most people end up treasure-hunting online for help. I think the problem there is most people don’t realize what they don’t know and end up falling for what is being marketing as the “super system” they can buy that will do all the work for them and just deposit money into their account each week. Which is why they continue to fall flat on their face.

Well, in my opinion, there’s no such thing. I feel like the closest you can come to such a thing is a system that will teach you how to do the things that will create success for you. Everybody knows it take takes time to learn new skills.

So how did I stay motivated? How did I keep myself from giving up at the first sign of a challenge? I did so by forming daily, weekly and monthly habits.

On Monday, I listened to a call about learning to read. Now you might be thinking, I know how to read. That’s what I thought too. What I learned from this call is that reading for pleasure and reading to learn a new skill are two very different things.

Here are some tips I got from this call:

Set aside time to read and study new information at least 20 minutes

Pick a quiet place without too much music

Read the book or information cover to cover the first time. Do not take notes.

At the end of your first reading, take a few moments to reflect upon what you just read. Write that down in a notebook
Read the book or information cover to cover a 2nd time. Highlight and make notes in the margins

Read the book or information a third time Chapter by Chapter. Stop at your highlighted points and ask yourself: “Is this something I need to take action on?” If yes, then write this in your notebook and put AI (Action Item) to the side of it.

Using your notebook only, read over what you have written asking yourself these three questions:

What do I want or need to do?
What actions do I need to take?
What actions do I need to stop?

Napoleon Hill states in his book Think & Grow Rich that the “missing link” in most systems of education is failing to teach the students how to organize and use the knowledge they have acquired. I couldn’t agree more considering I live in Los Angeles and I see people not knowing what to do with what they have learnt. I really want you guys to read and study new information that will help you form daily, weekly, monthly habits that will help you stay motivated follow these seven tips. The next time you read my blog on clothes or cooking or whatever, make sure you try to get to the bottom of what I am or anyone else is saying.

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