For the last few days, I had a busy schedule with my job. Oh! I almost forgot to introduce myself. I am Lucy from Los Angeles, a fast moving city with a super-fast lifestyle. This city offers you a variety of options for your career and those who actually want to enjoy life.

I moved here last year with my family to start a restaurant. You must be thinking why a restaurant when L.A is already famous as a food city and this business can be highly competitive for a beginner like me. Let me tell you some facts about me now. I am in no mood of competition or any serious commercial business. The idea behind this restaurant is my love for cooking. I love to experiment with different ingredients and to be very clear, with different taste. What can be a better idea than a restaurant when you have so many people to taste your food and you get compliments as well? So, now you can assume how much I love cooking.

Lon Angeles has a high price for everything, so I had to select kind of a place that allows me with two benefits. One with a reasonable price and the other is most of my targeted people who love to try something new too. Luckily last month I got a place. I had to try hard now to fulfill my dream of developing new recipes and express the taste in a presentable way. I have posted all my recipes until now whether in Instagram or Facebook, but haven’t reached my goal. So, I started food blogging. The life of a food blogger can be challenging, at the same time fun. Once you get familiar with the foodies that are equally crazy about the food like you, you will be amazed to know how they have used their creativity to develop some new taste. I was getting into the food world and my determination was becoming more firm. I cannot describe the excitements when I get compliments for a new recipe or some new taste I tried and people accept my cooking with full heart.

I successfully started my restaurant last week and have so many new things to try. I never forget to post them with a picture in my blog and check my blog every morning for new comments or suggestions of my readers. Starting your day with a smile is amazing when you feel you are so close to your goal. Yes, I have a goal. To share all my expression with you when I get the flavor of a new food or get compliments for doing something I really enjoy.

Creativity is another thing you need to present your cooking in a fashionable manner so people accept it easily. There are so many things you can learn if you are really trying to reach a satisfactory level. I, a girl who loves cooking, have started my journey with my passion. Wish me luck!

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