Hi! Welcome to my life. I like some anonymity, so I am not giving any introduction of myself. I am a challenge-loving girl and you can understand that as I live in L.A., a city where living in is pretty tops. I have shifted here last week. What’s more amazing is that I got a new job at a store. It is not very far from my place and I enjoy the walk.

Let’s talk about some of my favorite topics today as it is an off-day and I have a lot of time after a busy week.

Oh God! How much I love cooking and my sweet kitchen. I have decorated every single corner of it with my own hands. This week is different for me. I had to invite my friends to dinner and the new workload was too much. But, when I entered my kitchen, I just forget everything and feel fresh. I know what you are thinking. Doesn’t matter! I love the way I am actually. Last night was crazy. Party! Food! Fun! Dance! My friends were like blasting my home last night. I was like dancing with the music after so many days. My food was great as always. Feeling so happy moving here.

The week is a complicated one for me. Within a week, I started my new job in L.A., a city totally overflowing with Grove (my favorite one!), Topanga and Century city spread over the city. I had to save my money. But, here comes the bitter truth! I am a shopaholic! When I am having a rough day or stressed out for any reason, I always go for a shopping that improve my mood. What a good feeling that goes along when I walk out of a store with a new sunglass. It also happens after ordering a new tops online. Every time I go to Santa Monica Place, number of my shopping bags gets high. I had to promise this week that I am not a buying a new thing. I didn’t buy a single thing for myself even passing through my favorite store, but it is good that I made up for my lack of spending on shopping by living off Starbucks Frappucinos for the week. I kept myself busy, I didn’t browse any online shop this week or didn’t stare at sadly at the new collections of Grove, at least not that much.

This week was rather a tough time for me. I was a girl who lived on shopping. It makes me feel good about myself actually. Shopping was like feeling a control over everything. I used to spend my whole wallet for shopping and at the end of the month, I realized I had nothing left even for my daily needs. However, this week did a great change to my life. I learned that saving some wallet sometimes make you feel more secure and relax. Shopping is great when you have some extra. But, making it an addiction is like ruining the peace of your month. I cannot stop buying. But, at least I know that now what to buy and what not.

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