As you all know by now if you are reading this blog, I love shopping. People say summer bodies are made in winter but summer clothing can only be found in summer or spring with the season is in. I headed out to the Louis Vuitton store in LA the other day looking for a bag that would suit my swimwear look. It was pretty cool. Their customer service wasn’t so great but I ran into my old friend Lily. She is quite the prankster.

We ended up checking out several stores together and every time I would try on a new set of clothes she would give responses that would be so polar opposite that it would confuse the customer service representative. She really knew how to test their knowledge to see if they knew what they were talking about or if they were only good at sales.So maybe you need find your personal shopper.

We had one of the best selfies during our day at the Beverly Hilton hotel when they had a parade going on in the street. It was pretty funny because Lily made sure she took a picture with every float that went by diligently. You have to admire the commitment. I was a bit exhausted to be honest after an entire day of shopping and having completed only a third of what I had hoped for I was a bit disappointed.

Lily then mentioned a site that I couldn’t remember when I first heard it but much later I was able to remember. Stylewe was the name. I am always a bit skeptical when it comes to online store. I once ordered a tiny dress which ended up being plus sized when it actually got here. But this site in particular was very attractive and a breeze to use.

I was sure I wanted something that made me stand out from the crowd. There was no way I would wear something on a beach in California especially where twenty other would be wearing the same thing. It just was wrong. I could choose from a range of clothing from this site and the designs were so many but so good. It could really relate to what I wanted to portray rather than making me look like some 80s wannabe.

The Philis and Blue sky jumpsuits on there were amazing. All these were so affordable too. After all the shopping was done Lily and I decided to meet up again and enjoy the sum during the day time. We found an amazing Italian restaurant by the pier in Mendocino Bay. During the weekend it was quite stunning. Who would have thought that the best Italian I’d have I will find in a small town is on the west coast. Weather was simply perfect. I hope everyone reading also gets a chance to explore this fine weather. The valley is an ideal getaway spot too, guys and gals. So head out and do what you love to do with a passion.

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